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Selected speakers have kindly made their material available, please see the relevant links below.

Day one papers

Day one, Session one

Emerging challenges across countries
  • Meng Zhao, University of Oxford, “Hybrid grass-root NGOs and their interaction with government: implications for the emergence of social enterprise in China.
  • Rob Paton, The Open University, “Management and leadership development for social enterprise: what is needed and where are we going?
  • Janelle Kerlin, The Urban Institute, Washington D.C., “The rise of nonprofit social enterprise in the United States, the trend and its significance.

Day one, Session three, option A

Identifying social enterprise values

Day one, Session three, Option B

Government-social enterprise dynamics, an international perspective
  • Zia ul Islam, National Institute of Public Administration, “Change through social enterprise.”
  • Dario Carrera, Marco Meneguzzo, and Alessandro Messina, University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’ and the City of Rome, PDF icon “Social enterprise incubators: the Italian experience.”
  • Jan Bruil, Henry Dix, Pieter H.H. Ruys, Tilburg University, The Netherlands, “Hybrid models of governance in the Dutch social housing sector.”

Day one, Session five

Social enterprise and public policy
  • Alibeth Somers, Goldsmiths College, “Implementing innovative policy: local government and social enterprise, summary of key ESRC findings.”
  • Indianna Minto and Alex Nicholls, University of Oxford, “Social enterprise and the state.”

Day two papers

Day two, Session one

  • Nick Wilkie, Young Foundation, “Social Innovation.”

Day two, Session two, Option A

Approaches to social measurement and evaluation

Day two, Session two, Option B

Open Stream One

Day two, Session two, Option C

Open Stream Two
  • Maxwell Adea, London South Bank University, “Understanding the impact of microcredit on the role of women in Uganda.”
  • Marianne Westring-Nordh, The Institute of Working Life, Sweden, “Social care and flexible organisations.”
  • Gladius Kulothungan, University of East London, “Social enterprise- emergence of a maternalist capitalism?”

Day two, Session three, Option A

Challenges in public sector procurement, the UK view

Day two, Session three, Option B

Open Stream Three

Day two, Session four, Option A

Social enterprise and UK regional public policy
  • Seamus Carlin, University of Ulster, “Towards tipping point: In pursuit of entrepreneurial excellence- do social entrepreneurs possess higher levels of emotional intelligence than their leading business actors in Northern Ireland?”
  • Tony Chapman, Deborah Forbes, and Judith Brown, University of Teesside, “Social enterprise in the Tees Valley, an exploration.”
  • Paul Hare, Declan Jones and Gemma Blackledge, Heriot-Watt University, PDF icon “Understanding social enterprise: a case study of the child-care sector in Scotland.”
  • Mike Gordon, University of Sheffield, “Social enterprise in the South Yorkshire: characteristics and development.”

Day two, Session four, Option B

Organisational development issues
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