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Head of Centre: Dr Dag Bennett

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Dag Bennett

The Centre for Research in Marketing was set up at LSBU by Prof. Andrew Ehrenberg in 1993. Since then academics in London and The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute at the university of South Australia have continued to work with a large number of companies to address critical issues in marketing. Over the years, we have published a range of reports and marketing learnings based on reliable, reusable marketing knowledge, or the Laws of Marketing. The Centre in London is now headed by Dr Dag Bennett (pictured).

The Laws of Marketing hold true across many industries, countries and time-frames, from well-established markets in Europe and North America, to emerging markets round the world. The wide range of findings and applications can be seen in over 60 corporate reports and dozens of corporate seminars.

Ehrenberg's work had a fundamental impact on both academia and practice and has become increasingly influential. To celebrate his contribution to marketing, the Journal of Advertising Research published a special edition with papers in the five areas that represent his major contributions:

  1. Advertising
  2. Buyer Behaviour
  3. Brand Equity
  4. Pricing
  5. Modelling and Data Reduction

The Centre is funded through corporate sponsors such as Unilever, P&G, British Airways, Coca-Cola and many others who play a major role in shaping our research agenda. Sponsors in turn are briefed regularly on new findings through in-house seminars and via a members' web-link to Reports and Marketing Learnings.


Competitive advantage textbook
  • A new textbook entitled "Competitive Intelligence, Analysis and Strategy", published by Routledge, is now in print. This book addresses the question of how to leverage the unique intangible assets of an organisation: its explicit, implicit, acquired and derived knowledge. The refreshingly innovative concept of "Intelligence-Based Competitive Advantage" is one which will eclipse the cost-driven and resource-reduction attitudes most prevalent in the first decade of this century. This book was originally published as two special issues of the Journal of Strategic Marketing. Dag Bennett and Charles Graham contributed a chapter on brand growth.
  • A new textbook entitled "Marketing: Theory, Evidence, Practice", Marketing textbook commissioned by OUP, is now in print. This follows on from the critical success of "How Brands Grow". John Scriven and Dag Bennett contributed a chapter on pricing, Charlie Graham and Anita Peleg contributed a chapter ethical and sustainable marketing. The book is edited by Professor Byron Sharp, with chapters contributed by Ehrenberg Bass colleagues at the University of South Australia as well as at London South Bank. Unlike "How Brands Grow", which was written with practitioners in mind, "Marketing: Theory, Evidence, Practice" introduces students to the laws of marketing.
  • Charles Graham has been awarded his PhD of his work titled: The patterns of long-term repeat-buying in Dirichlet markets.
  • Recent papers:
    • Scriven, J, Perez, D, Clemente, M & D Bennett (2015) "The competitive Landscape for Leisure: Why Wide Appeal Matters", International Journal of Market Research, Vol 57, Issue 2
    • Kennedy, R, Scriven, J and M Nenycz-Thiel (2015) "When 'significant' is not significant", International Journal of Market Research, 01/2015; 56(5):591. DOI: 10.2501/IJMR-2014-041
    • Lin, Z & D Bennett (2014) "Examining retail customer experience and the moderation effect of loyalty programmes", International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 16 (2)
    • Bennett, D (2014) "The tortuous path from intention to purchase", Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Conference, 2014, Bournemouth, UK
    • Bennett, D (2013) "Loyalty and growth for cars in China: A two-purchase analysis of dynamics", European Academy of Marketing (EMAC 2013) Istanbul, Turkey, June
    • Scriven, J.A. and G. Goodhardt (2012), "The Ehrenberg Legacy: Lessons in Buying Behaviour, Television, Brand Perception, Advertising, and Pricing Value", Journal of Advertising Research, Vol. 52 (2)
    • Singh, J., J. A. Scriven, M. Clemente, W. Lomax and M. Wright (2012), "New Brand Extensions: Patterns of Success and Failure", Journal of Advertising Research, Vol. 52 (2)
    • Scriven, J.A and M. Clemente (2012) "How consumers respond to price deals", Proceedings of the 2012 ANZMAC conference, Adelaide

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