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Staff and Associates of the Ehrenberg Centre

Dag Bennett
Director, has 15 years of commercial experience in the UK and the US, in brand management and marketing research. He has particular interests in habitual behavior, developing markets and short-term purchase to purchase analysis techniques. His teaching includes International pricing and finance, and Market-driven marketing.

John Scriven
Visiting Research Associate specialises in the study of brand performance measures and effects of marketing inputs, particularly price and advertising. Has over 20 years of commercial experience in a range of marketing, marketing research and planning positions.

Charles Graham
Has commercial experience in marketing both premium packaged goods and foodservice concepts nationally and internationally. As a brand manager and as a consultant he was involved in pioneering the UK super-premium ice cream market and in exporting, franchising and advising in Europe and the Middle East. Current research includes long-term repeat-purchase behaviour and market dynamics. His teaching includes Marketing management and strategy, Brand Management and International marketing strategy

Cathy Lu Jia Henfrey
Cathy Jia Lu Henfry is a data analyst with expertise in Excel and Powerview, the TNS data-base analysis software. She teaches at LSBU on marketing research and retail marketing units and is also a student project supervisor.

Maria Clemente
Maria Clemente is a senior researcher at London South Bank University and freelance researcher. She has worked and studied in the UK and Brazil and has 11 years practical experience in social/marketing research in quantitative research methods. Her research interests are wide ranging, but the focus of her work in recent years has been on analysing consumer behaviour of FMCG brands. She is interested in new products, brand performance measurement, segmentation and positioning. The application of multivariate analysis and marketing research techniques is another area of interest. She is a member of the Market Research Society.

Visiting Associates

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