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Ken DSilva Head of Centre: Dr Ken D'Silva (pictured)


The Centre for Accounting, Finance & Governance was established in March 2005 to promote and co-ordinate the research being undertaken by members of the Department of Accounting & Finance. This Department has some noteworthy research strengths in the areas of Accounting, Finance and Governance, and areas related to them. Members of the Department have made, and are making, significant contributions in terms of both teaching and research within these areas. For example, recently, at least six papers have been presented at academic research conferences (in France, Italy and England) by members of the Centre. Most of this research was conducted on a personal, individual and non-coordinated basis prior to the establishment of the Centre.


The objectives of the Centre include:
  • to enhance the Faculty's research reputation by generating valued research so as to attract high quality staff and (research) students,
  • to provide research encouragement and developmental opportunities to members of staff in the Department of Accounting & Finance who wish to undertake research on a commissioned or non-commissioned basis,
  • to support and co-ordinate research-active staff within the Department in a manner that is consistent with the Faculty's research strategy,
  • to enhance the quality of the Faculty's Programme in Accounting by facilitating and encouraging relevant research contributions; this helps us to satisfy our professional and academic partners (both in the UK and abroad) in terms of our postgraduate courses in particular,
  • to conduct, if and where possible, research exercises in conjunction with other research centres within the University; primarily those within the Faculty.


  • Host guest lectures on issues of interest to postgraduate research students and staff.
  • Arrange research seminars targeted at staff and postgraduate research students.
  • Facilitate Research Working Papers Series.


  • All academic members of the Department of Finance & Accounting.
  • All MPhil and PhD students working in the areas of Accounting and/or Finance and/or Governance.
  • Other invited members.


It is intended that the Centre will be in receipt of funds to support its activities in the future. However, as the Centre has only recently come into existence and commenced operations, no funding has been received by and/or generated from the Centre. Equally, no funds have been disbursed out of the Centre.


Here are some recent papers that show the kind of research which members of the Centre engage in...

     PDF iconWhy writing skills are vital for CAs, article co-authored by Chris Duff, one of the doctoral research students of our department.

     PDF iconInternal auditing's international contribution to governance, International Journal of Business, Governance & Ethics (Volume 3, Number 2, 2007: 113-126).

     Word iconMixing Quantitative and Qualitative Research.

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