How to change your LSBU IT Password (Staff)

On Campus

If you are on campus then you can change your password as follows

  1. Click CTRL, ALT and DEL;
  2. Select "Change a password...."
  3. Enter your old password;
  4. Enter your new password twice;
  5. Click on the arrow
Providing you have followed the policy below you will have successfully changed your password.

Off Campus

  1. Log on to the Outlook Web App at
  2. Select the link Options (this can be found at the top right hand side of the page) choose the .Change Password. option.
  3. Enter the details required and press the save button to change your password (you cannot use the same password twice).
  4. After you have entered a new password and have saved this change you will see the following message confirming that your password has now been successfully changed.
  5. You will now need to close your web browser, re-open it and log back into your Mailbox using Outlook Wed App, if you have been able to log back into your mailbox, your password has successfully changed and will remain valid for another 180 days

Full instructions can be found in this help sheet: Outlook Web App [PDF 306KB] (off campus only).

If your password has expired and you are off campus, you can reset your password using the VPN. Full instructions on how to do this are in the helpsheet: Resetting your LSBU Password via the VPN

Password Policy

All Windows passwords by default will expire after 180 days. You will receive a warning notice starting 14 days prior to expiry.

New passwords should conform to the following rules:

  • Be at least 8 characters long
  • Include upper and lower case letters and at least one number
  • Not be a password you have used previously

If you do not log on to your Mailbox very often please make a note in your diary to update your password a week before the due date. Please follow our procedures for setting secure passwords and never use your LSBU password for any system or service other than your LSBU IT Account.


Students can use the Student Self Service Web Site to reset their passwords