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Welcome to London South Bank University ICT Services.

Central ICT Services are provided by the Information Communication Technology Department (ICT) and can be accessed from any desktop computer (PC) in the University over our Local Area Network (LAN). For this reason ICT provide a Roaming Profile service when you logon to a PC using your personal account. Please have a look at the available Guides To Manage Your Profile and Files

The Learning Resources Centre (LRC) provides open access for all students to use a PC. You will need accounts on our systems to access these and other IT services. Additionally, Faculties have their own IT laboratories for student access and in some cases provide additional systems needed for specific course units.

Staff can apply at any time for an IT account providing you have been issued with a staff ID number. Your ID number is generated by your entry in Phonebook which your Faculty or Department Phonebook Administrator will have created for you.

ICT Managers