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Project - Identifying a Sound Environment for Secondary Schools (ISESS)
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The ISESS project (Identifying a Sound Environment for Secondary Schools) is a three year research project investigating the effects on teaching and learning of different acoustic designs within secondary schools and classrooms.

The project aims to improve the environmental design of secondary school buildings to minimise the detrimental impact on children and teachers of poor school buildings. We have four research questions:

This will provide an evidence-base necessary to improve acoustic conditions in the long term and, in the short term, provide practitioners with evidence to support changes in teaching and learning strategies for situations where acoustic conditions are poor.

The principle investigators are Professor Bridget Shield (London South Bank University, Acoustics), Professor Julie Dockrell (Institute of Education, Psychology) and Professor Trevor Cox (University of Salford, Acoustics). The research fellows are Dr Daniel Connolly (Institute of Education, Psychology) and Dr Robert Conetta (London South Bank University, Acoustics). The technician is Charlie Mydlarz (University of Salford, Acoustics)

This work extends previous studies conducted by Professor Bridget Shield and Professor Julie Dockrell which investigated the effects of the acoustic environment in Primary Schools on teaching and learning.