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Links for classroom acoustics

The links on this page will be of interest for the acoustic design of classrooms. All links open in a new window.

Institute of Acoustics
UK professional body for acoustics, noise and vibration.
Institute of Acoustics: Contact information for UK Acoustic specialists

Symposium on School Acoustics (2010)
Presentations from the Institute of Acoustics symposium on School Acoustics, Dec 7 2010.

BB93 - Acoustic design of Schools: A design guide
Acoustic performance standards for new schools.

Department for Education
The Department for Education website.

Partnerships for schools
Partnerships for schools are responsible for delivering the government's BSF programme.

NDCS National Deaf Children's Society
National charity dedicated to creating a world without barriers for deaf children and young people

Close the Gap (2011)
An NDCS campaign to improve the academic attainments of hearing impaired children.

Sounds good? A campaign for high quality acoustics (2009)
An NDCS campaign to raise awareness of the acoustic problems in new schools built during the BSF programme.

University of Salford Acoustic FAQs
Interesting facts for the beginner

Estimating Dose-Response Relationships between Noise Exposure and Human Health in the UK (2009)
A study commissioned by Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) investigating the effects of noise exposure on human health (2009).

The effects of noise on the attainments and cognitive performance of primary school children: executive summary (2002)
An executive summary published by the Department of Health (2002). Summarises findings from research conducted by Professors Julie Dockrell and Bridget Shield.

Primary Schools: The Built Environment (2008)
A summary of a paper written by Karl Wall, Julie Dockrell and Nick Peacey, published by The Primary Review. The report surveys published research on the ways in which the school site, its building and grounds provide the infrastructure that supports children's learning and development at the primary stage.

The effects of classroom and environmental noise on children's academic performance (2008)
A paper written by Professors Bridget Shield and Julie Dockrell, published at the 9th International Congress on Noise as a Public Health Problem (ICBEN) 2008. This paper reviews research relating to the effects of noise on children at school. Topics include the factors affecting speech intelligibility, the effects of environmental and classroom noise.