A sample of recent research project

London/New York Dialogue

LEPU has formed a partnership with the Institute of Real Estate at New York University and the Urban Land Institute to develop a series of research projects examining the issues which are crucial to the continuing world city status of London and New York.

The research is planned to be outward-looking and will build its projects around four questions:

LEPU has produced a prospectus for the study series written by Greg Clark who is a Visiting Professor at London South Bank University. He has also recently completed primary research on sixteen other cities around the world which will contribute to the developing pattern of the research.

LEPU itself is working on research strands on affordable housing, migration, crime and public safety and real estate taxation.

The partnership held a major conference in London on 18th November 2008 to highlight the issues to be covered by the research. LEPU is producing a special, extra edition of Local Economy devoted to issues affecting London and New York for this conference.

The Role Of The Commercial Sector In Economic Development

LEPU undertook a research project for the City of London Corporation in 2007 to examine the potential for greater involvement of the commercial sector in developing and delivering programmes of economic development and regeneration in England, and to consider what benefits this might bring.

Using examples of organisations from the UK, Europe and wider afield, the research considered whether the adoption of more market-based delivery models could produce more effective and sustainable public sector interventions, and reduce costs.

Other highlights