This page is a portal for resources on employability in higher education. It consists of a number of links to key resources. There are four main categories of links:

  • Information from the LTEU
  • Key web sites
  • Key documents
  • Examples of practice

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but is intended to give a quick point of access to some key resources available on the web and a starting point for wider searches.

Information from the LTEU:

The LTEU can provide support for implementing PDP into the curriculum. A series of workshops designed for course/programme directors was set up were ran by the LTEU for faculties. Please contact Tom Hall (tom.hall@lsbu.ac.uk) or Ruth Brown (brownrh@lsbu.ac.uk) for further information.

View the Powerpoint PDP Workshop slideshow (691KB PPS).

Download the PDP Mapping Grid (29KB DOC).

View the QAA Policy Statement on Progress Files (50KB PDF)

Download the LSBU Good Practice Guidelines: Employability (98KB PDF)

Key Documents:




The Enhancing Student Employability Skills Co-ordination Team (ESECT) have produced many key documents. One series of eight are particularly useful.

To download, right click on the link and select ‘save document as’:

  1. Employability in higher education: what it is, what it is not
  2. Employability: judging and communicating achievements
  3. Embedding employability into the curriculum
  4. Reflection and employability
  5. Widening participation and employability
  6. Entrepreneurship and higher education: an employability perspective
  7. Work-based Learning and Employability
  8. Pedagogy for employability

Report to HEFCE

  Report to HEFCE ‘How Much Does Higher Education Enhance the Employability of Graduates?’ (2003).

Examples of Practice:



  ESECT interactive site providing access to a variety of tools for academics and researches engaging in the employability agenda.
  A report of Sheffield Hallam University’s implementation of a framework for employability.

Universities UK

  Universities UK has published a report that profiles 16 case studies from across the UK illustrating the variety of ways in which higher education is enhancing employability.

Key Web Sites:

Web Site
CaSEU   LSBU's Careers and Student Employment Unit (CaSEU) is a key in-house
resource. Visit their site, especially the marketing for employability link.


  The Enhancing Student Employability Skills Co-ordination Team (ESECT) has a comprehensive set of publications, tools and examples of practice. It is worth browsing their pages. Direct links to some of their resources are also listed under ‘key documents’ and ‘examples of practice’.

HE Academy

  The Higher Education Academy site hosts a comprehensive, searchable on-line directory of employability resources.