Professional Lecture Series

LSBU presents Professional Lecture Series

As a university, LSBU has well-regarded industry associations and many highly-knowledgable academic staff. We celebrate this with our professional lecture series, hosted on the University campus. These free events are open to all but places must be booked online prior to the events.

Previous speakers in 2012/2013

Photograph of Tom Gilb - agile project management

Advanced Agile Project Management Principles

Speaker: Tom Gilb

Advanced Agile Project Management Principles

Agile project management is an iterative approach to planning and guiding project processes. The main benefit of adopting the agile approach is its ability to respond to issues as they arise throughout the course of the project. Tom Gilb has advanced agile project management principles to form the Evolutionary Project Management Method which has been applied successfully by firms such as IBM, HP, Microsoft and Citigroup. This is a rare opportunity to hear Tom introducing a set of advanced agile project management principles and the success stories his project management methods have created.

Tom Gilb, author of the classic Principles of Software Engineering Management and Competitive Engineering was born in Pasadena USA in 1940. He has lived in Norway since 1958, but frequently travels worldwide as speaker at international conferences and as guest lecturer at many universities including Berkeley, Stanford, and LSE.

Tom is the founder or key player in several technical disciplines such as 'software metrics' and 'evolutionary project management', as well as being an innovative pioneer in Inspections, and the inventor of the planning language Planguage.

Tom is directly recognized as the idea source for parts of the Agile and Extreme programming methods and with his son Kai has developed Agile Inspections and Agile Evolutionary Project Management processes, which are being successfully used by clients.

As an internationally recognised independent teacher, consultant and writer, Tom Gilb has been recently honoured by the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT. The Institute's Deputy President, Roger Marshall, presented Tom with his Honorary Fellowship at a ceremony in London.

Photograph of Greg Searle

'If Not Now, When?'

Speaker: Greg Searle, Olympic Rowing Champion

LSBU looks forward to welcoming Greg Searle who will inspire us by speaking about turning points in life and making decisions. Speaking from his experience in the Olympic realm and beyond, he will touch on how to best adapt to the reality of change in one's life, and making the most of it. Through personal experiences Greg will touch on how he has dealt with setbacks and has come back stronger.

As an athlete and a professional, Greg will highlight how he has performed under pressure, and seen it as an opportunity to deliver his best. We anticipate an exciting talk from Greg in which he shows us how he has successfully balanced the world of Olympic sport and the real world we all live in.

Greg Searle is a British Olympic rower educated at Hampton School and London South Bank University. At the 2012 Olympic Games in London, Greg won a bronze medal in the men's eight for British Rowing.

Photograph of Michael Mainelli

'London, the Global Financial Centre: A Fair Future?'

Speaker: Michael Mainelli, Executive Chairman of Z/Yen Group

Financial centres have existed since antiquity, from the legendary entrepôts of Babylon, Samarkand, Constantinople, Marrakech or Timbuktu through to London and New York City vying for today's top spot. But competition is hot and traditional centres have been scoring some own goals with banking crises, excessive pay, bailouts, regulatory confusion and scandals. Z/Yen's Global Financial Centres Index provides some insights into what makes a successful global financial centre and who might be the long-term winners.

After a career as a research scientist and accountancy firm partner, Michael co-founded Z/Yen, the City of London's leading commercial think-tank, to promote societal advance through better finance and technology.

Photograph of Derick Walker

'Lovemarks: the Future Beyond Brands'

Speaker: Derick Walker, Strategic Planning Director, Saatchi& Saatchi

As a teenager, Victoria Beckham's ambition was not just to be better off than her mates or even be a celebrity singer but to become a world brand; "as famous as Persil Automatic". But what does this mean in today's globally networked, crowded, complex, noisy, fast moving and increasingly unpredictable world? Brands — goods, services, organisations and even individuals — are having to evolve to become Lovemarks; icons of affection that earn loyalty beyond reason. A top line exposition of Saatchi & Saatchi's thinking around the unreasonable power of creativity; developing and cultivating the emotional connections that inspire people.

Derick graduated in 1979 with a degree in nuclear physics and worked for several agencies before becoming a founder partner and Head of Planning at Laing Henry. Following the acquisition of Laing Henry by Saatchi & Saatchi in 1995, he became an international brand strategy consultant within the Saatchi Group and its parent, Publicis Groupe.

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