A David Bomberg Legacy – The Sarah Rose Collection is a collection of paintings and drawings by the artists David Bomberg (1890-1957), Dennis Creffield (b. 1931), Cliff Holden (b. 1919), Thomas Holden (b. 1957), Edna Mann (1926-1985), Dorothy Mead (1928-1975) and Miles Richmond (1922-2008). In total, the collection includes over 150 works, spanning a period of nearly 100 years. The oldest piece in the collection is a page of Cubist Studies by David Bomberg, made in 1913-14. The most recent is a charcoal Jerusalem Wedding by Dennis Creffield, 2009.

David Bomberg is considered one of the most significant British artists of the twentieth century. He taught at London South Bank University (formerly Borough Polytechnic) after the Second World War, where his students included Dennis Creffield, Cliff Holden, Dorothy Mead, Edna Mann and Miles Richmond. These artists were among the members of the Borough Group, which exhibited together from 1946-1951.

A David Bomberg Legacy – The Sarah Rose Collection has been built up over 30 years by Sarah Rose, an independent collector whose aim is to “draw much needed attention” to the teachings of Bomberg, and to the artists who worked closely with him.[1] Sarah’s collection was always intended for the public domain, and in 2008 she placed the collection in Trust at London South Bank University.

Borough Road Gallery opened in June 2012, with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Its exhibition and public programme uses A David Bomberg Legacy – The Sarah Rose Collection as a resource and inspiration. Sarah Rose’s gift not only makes important artworks accessible, but provides a starting point for a range of creative responses and new research. Exhibitions are animated by talks, newly commissioned texts, workshops and events by artists, art historians, curators, writers, and thinkers, as well as new oral history recordings and a growing Digital Archive. The Gallery’s programme recognises the historical significance of the collection, whilst aiming to firmly relate this back to contemporary narratives and preoccupations, and to engage broad audiences.

The Gallery is part of London South Bank University’s multi-disciplinary School of Arts and Creative Industries, which runs courses ranging from creative writing, drama, and performance, to digital photography, film and video, music and sonic media. It plays an important role with staff and students as a source of inspiration and a teaching and learning resource, including through co-developed events, curator-led lectures and classes, student commissions, and placements. The curatorial programme to date has invited contributions from teaching and research staff across LSBU, such as a Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing, a Professor of Psychology, and a Reader in History.

[1] Sarah Rose ‘Stillness and Movement in Works of Art’ A David Bomberg Legacy – The Sarah Rose Collection (London South Bank University, 2012), p. 23


Gallery Staff

Academic Project Director
Andrew Dewdney

Curator (Maternity Cover)
Sophie Persson

Assistant Curator
Jennifer Boyd

Gallery Volunteers
Susan Rossi, Natasha Burton, Lisa Drew, Cristina Soria Mora, Emily Cowan, Chloe Nigro, Carmen Cortes, Céline Villaneau, Louise Essam, Jo McMahon, Heather Wilkinson, Laura Berti, Katerina Andrianou, Jess Harrison, Charlotte Johnson, Holly Froy

Advisory Group

Honor Beddard (Curator, Wellcome Collection), Ceri Lewis (Managing Curator: Artist Rooms, Tate) and Victoria Walsh (Head of Programme, Curating Contemporary Art, The Royal College of Art)


Borough Road Gallery’s programme is supported by volunteers.  If you are interested in future volunteering opportunities, please contact us.


  • You do not need to book for group visits during gallery opening hours. However, due to the size of the gallery, we would recommend that groups of over 25 split into smaller groups to enter the Gallery and view the exhibition. If you are leading a group from a school, college, university, community centre or other organisation, and would like to discuss the possibility of an introduction to the gallery from the Gallery Curator, please contact us with the details of your organisation and group, as well as the preferred date of, and reason for, your visit.
  • Borough Road Gallery is unable to offer advice on the valuation of artworks by David Bomberg or members of the Borough Group. If you have an artwork in your possession and are interested in its value, we would recommend contacting one of the major auction houses.
  • If you have an artwork by David Bomberg or a member of the Borough Group and would like to find out more about it, we would recommend the following websites as a starting point for your research: the Borough Road Gallery website and Digital ArchiveTate website; Ben Uri Gallery website; British Library website; images of works in public collections from the BBC in partnership with Public Catalogue Foundation ‘Your Paintings’.
  • A David Bomberg Legacy – The Sarah Rose Collection is not on permanent display in its entirety at Borough Road Gallery. Borough Road Gallery’s exhibition programme instead uses A David Bomberg Legacy – The Sarah Rose Collection as a resource and inspiration, meaning different works from A David Bomberg Legacy – The Sarah Rose Collection will be on display for each exhibition.
  • If you are a postgraduate researcher with a specific interest in the collection it may be possible to visit the collection outside Gallery opening hours by appointment. Access is granted based on your research interests and the Gallery schedule, and should be requested at least 4 weeks in advance of the date you wish to visit. To apply for access please download our ‘Collection Access Request’ form, and send it to mail@boroughroadgallery.co.uk with the subject line ‘Collection Access Request’.
  • For image enquiries for print, relating to photographs of, or artworks by, David Bomberg, we recommend contacting DACS, guardians of the David Bomberg estate.
  • Any employment opportunities at Borough Road Gallery will be advertised in the News section of our website and via the London South Bank University website. Application is through London South Bank University; applications are not made directly to the Gallery and as such the Gallery cannot accept any unsolicited applications.