Talk by art critic Katy Deepwell: ‘Dorothy Mead and the Problem of Recognition for a Woman Artist’

Wednesday 19 June 2013, 7pm

A recording of this free talk can be found in our Digital Archive.

Art critic Katy Deepwell drew on her extensive expertise in the work and position of women artists in early-to-mid twentieth century Britain to discuss Dorothy Mead. Her talk placed Mead’s work and experiences within a wider art historical context and was followed by a short Q&A.

The exhibition was open 6pm-6.45pm to enable those who have booked tickets to see the show, prior to the event.

Katy Deepwell is the founder and editor of n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal (started in 1998). She is an art critic, based in London. She is the author of ‘Women Artists between the Wars’ (Manchester University Press, 2010) and curated the exhibition ‘Ten Decades: Women Artists working in Britain, born 1897-1906’ (Norwich Gallery, 1992). She wrote ‘Dialogues: Women Artists from Ireland’ (IB Tauris, 2005) and has edited ‘New Feminist Art Criticism: Critical Strategies’ (Manchester University Press, 1995); ‘Gender, Art, Theory Anthology, 1970-2000′ (Moscow: Rospen, 2005, co-edited with Mila Bredkhina) and ‘Art Criticism and Africa’ (Saffron Books, 1998).