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Chair’s welcome

On behalf of the Organising Committee and myself I would like to cordially invite you to attend the first annual conference organised by the Innovation and the Built Environment Academy (IBEA).

The Innovation and the Built Environment Academy (IBEA) is a non-profit organisation and holds conferences each autumn (September-October), alternating in various locations around the world.  This year’s conference takes place at London South Bank University.

The title of IBEA 2011 is Innovation and integration: science, technology and policy in the built environment. This theme has emerged from the need to deal with the multifaceted character and the growing complexities of the socioeconomic challenges such as climate change, sustainability or poverty eradication through connecting ideas and collaboration. The conference acknowledges that solutions to our current problems can be found only through collaborative and multidisciplinary approaches and by closer partnerships between HASS and STEM researchers. Today, innovation is not limited to technological solutions alone and policy makers need to consider institutional as well as behavioural aspects of innovation.

We follow the definition of innovation by Spoehr et al (2010) as a deliberate process, new ways of doing things, a means of generating, applying and expanding our knowledge, as a way of thinking that can bring benefits to individuals and the community as a whole, and adding value and inherently positive action. In encouraging a culture of innovation in the built environment we need to broaden the concept of innovation to encompass creativity, collaboration and problem solving (Keighley-Jones, 2008) and understand how the built environment clients and users can meet their needs through the development of new programmes, institutions and activities in pursuit of improving quality of life and meeting their socioeconomic goals.

IBEA acknowledges that networking facilitates collaboration between stakeholders such as the education system, government and the private sector and may ultimately lead to innovation and anticipates that over the three days of the conference we will have a large gathering of distinguished researchers, clients, consultants, engineers, scientists, technologist, financiers, policy makers and others with a direct interest in the built environment from home and abroad. The programme of papers and posters will provide an opportunity for knowledge transfer and sharing of experiences across a wide range of disciplines.

We invite you to contribute to the IBEA 2011, and encourage that you become active and a member of IBEA whether an exhibitor, presenter, sponsor or participant and look forward to meeting you in London in October 2011.

Mahtab FarshchiDr. Mahtab Akhavan Farshchi
Department of the Built Environment
London South Bank University
103 Borough Road
London SE1 0AA
Email: ibea@lsbu.ac.uk