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During 2008 and 2009, the world economy witnessed a severe economic crisis. The problems starting from sub-prime mortgages and the financial sector soon became widespread throughout all sectors of the economy. Historically, harsh economic conditions have provided a fertile ground for innovation ideas and more efficient solutions. But inventions need the backup and confidence of the financial sector to turn into effective innovations.

Despite the protectionist measures of governments, ideas do not respect any borders and following the maturity of Internet technologies, intellectual activity leading to scientific discovery and innovation have been facilitated by the extensive networking among individuals as well as firms. Yet, this impact has not been qualified or measured.

The 1st IBEA Annual Conference aims to provide an opportunity to surface some of the recent developments in a wide range of topics relating to the built environment technologies. Encouraging a multidisciplinary approach with the aim of crossing academic boundaries.

The role of industrial policy in promoting and directing innovation is undeniable and IBEA 2011 encourages contributions from policy makers in response to stimulating economic activity by encouraging innovation.

Welcome from the Conference Chair