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Ice-thirteen (XIII)

Ice-thirteen (Ice XIII)


Ice-thirteen (ice XIII) is the metastable proton-ordered form of ice-five (shown opposite), formed by doping with10 mM HCl (about one molecule to every 5000 molecules of water) below 130K and at 500 MPa to facilitate the phase transition [1002]. A reversible transition between ice XIII and (metastable) ice V is observed on cycling between 80 and 120 K [1058]. The crystals were monoclinic P21/a with cell dimensions a 9.24 Å, b 7.47 Å and c 10.30 Å (90°, 109.7°, 90°, 28 molecules; at atmospheric pressure and 80 K) and a unit cell contains 28 water molecules (four each of seven distinct types) [1002].


Interactive Jmol structure is given.


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