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Water Structure and Science

Preface and site entrance
The water molecule
Molecular vibration and absorption of water
Water molecular models
Water clustering in liquid water
Overview of the structuring in liquid water
Evidence for icosahedral water clusters
Water cluster conclusions
Nucleic acid hydration
Kosmotropes and chaotropes
Hydrophobic hydration
Intracellular water
Water on Earth
Water and life
Water and health
Water activity
Aqueous biphasic systems
Aqueous solutions of C60 and C70
Water-related material
Memory of water
'Polywater', declustered water and other waters
Novel fulleranes
Platonic solids, water and the golden ratio
Contributed papers
J. G. Watterson, Enzyme function: random events or coherent action?

Water related links
Site news

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Iguaco Falls, Brazil


Victoria Falls, from Zambia


Ice cliff, Svalbard

Durdle Door, Dorset, UK

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Angel Falls, Venezuela


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