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Martin Chaplin BSc PhD CChem FRSC

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Emeritus Professor of Applied Science
London South Bank University


I graduated in Chemistry from the University of Birmingham, in 1967. Over the following three years I completed a PhD concerned with the structural and biological studies on the glycans in human follicle stimulating hormone, in a collaboration between the University of Birmingham and the Birmingham and Midland Hospital for Women. After two years teaching chemistry at Bunda College of Agriculture at the University of Malawi, East Africa, I returned to the University of Birmingham as a Faculty Research Fellow to continue my work on the glycoprotein hormones and to start some enzyme technology research. My interest in these research areas continued within a lecturing post at the Biochemistry Department of  the University of Leeds and during a four-year seconded post at the University of Ghana, West Africa. Since 1985 I have been at London South Bank University, where I am currently Emeritus Professor and Visiting Professor of Applied Science. I have successfully mentored 25 PhD students. My current interests lie mainly with aqueous systems, and I have a particular interest concerning intracellular water. I have experience as expert witness in Patent litigation.



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