The Amazon

Water Poem

The sea

The Lecture

The lecture posted for discussion was headed `Water' what a bore!
I'll have to sit in meditation, stifle my expected snore. The subject
Seems so uneventful, colorless, tasteless, clear, and plain.
I'll nip into the library perhaps then, they will explain
The virtues of this subject, that fills me with dejection,
For I am eager to learn, and answer my own question.
Water covers the earth's surface for three-quarters of our space,
Withhold it in a shape or vessel ... it will bend with grace...
Freeze well, and it will change itself to solid, frozen ice...
Heat past boiling point, and its next caper
Changes to a gas from steaming vapour.
Streams and rivers, skies and seas,
Clouds and forests, winds and breeze,
All the world's most wondrous things
Are carried through life on water wings.
How exciting it all seems to be
There is so much to learn
Of water and its legacy.
I realize with discern
Of knowledge I have
But touched the tip –
Of water, we need more than just a sip.
I'm eager now ... no more conjecture;
The Professor stands up on the dais.
My pen is poised for this next lecture,
Please teach me more of 'Water's' ways.


(c) June Chaplin, 2007   
(also known as 'Mum')   

Mum and me


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